Quick Tips on Contracts

The information for this blog post can be viewed here. This information pertains to North Carolina. Below are some general tips for business contracts: Make sure all parties’ names are correct with the correct titles. Number all of the pages. Contracts should be in writing for: Transfer of land, easements, mortgages, deeds of trust, leases, […]

COLAs and Approved Labels

*The information for this blog post can be viewed here. Information viewed here also supports this blog. Once your label receives TTB approval, you can change certain items on your label without submitting a new COLA label. Any changes you make to your label must be in compliance with federal regulations. You CAN: Delete non-mandatory […]

You may not want to play that music louder

Playing Music on Your Premise Information for the blog post can be viewed here. For more information regarding music licensing and managing your restaurant/taproom, please visit www.restaurant.org. The legality surrounding music licensing and playing music in your brewery/distillery is a hot topic. So hot, in fact, that CBC had a seminar on the topic (“Pulling […]

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