What You need to Know about Beer and NC (House Bill 500)

*Please keep in mind that this is information is specific to North Carolina law. Contact an attorney in your state to find out specific information about this. House Bill 500 (HB 500) from the North Carolina General Assembly has been presented to Governor Roy Cooper for his signature. The Bill contains several changes to ABC […]

Trademark and Ownership

*The information for this blog can be found at: https://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/uspto-videos/trademarks/tm-newsflash-15-assignments-and-ownership-changes What happens when the ownership of your trademark changes? This is a common occurrence caused by a business changing its name, selling your business, or assigning your trademark rights to another individual and/or company. Three common types of ownership changes are (1) change in name, […]

Trademark Lingo

*Information for this blog post is provided by Lehrman Beverage Law. If you have tried to register a trademark you may have come across words like ‘generic,’ ‘descriptive,’ ‘arbitrary,’ or ‘fanciful’ just to name a few. Someone (maybe a lawyer?) might have told you to trademark a fanciful name and not a generic name. What […]

Ways to Start a Business, Enter into a Business, or Buy a Franchise

*This information is taken from the North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC). To read the entire packet, click here. *We also have a blog post on how to finance your business. Buying an Existing Business Always evaluate the business by reviewing its history and its operations. Learn the business’s marketing strategies, how […]

Financing your Business

*This information is taken from the North Carolina Rural Entrepreneurship Development System and the NC Department of Commerce Business ServiCenter. The packet is entitled “Fueling Your Business in North Carolina: A Guide to Financing for Small Businesses” and can be viewed here. How do you Plan on Financing your Business?   Many people use the […]

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