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I stumbled upon this helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” pamphlet that the NC ABC Commission wrote. We underlined certain portions for emphasis.

The link to the original PDF is below.

Q: If I run out of alcoholic beverages at one business can I transfer it to my other permitted business? No. If you own more than one licensed retail establishment then you cannot transfer alcoholic beverages from one business location to another except upon written request and approval from the NC ABC Commission. See Rule 2S.0236

Q: If I own my own business is it against the law to have an alcoholic drink while in my office updating my books? You cannot be intoxicated while at work. You cannot consume alcoholic beverages on the licensed premise except if:

  • The permittee/employee is off duty for the remainder of the day or night
  • The permittee/employee is not wearing the uniform when the uniform is required to be worn during work
  • The permittee/employee is not performing any services while or after consuming alcoholic beverages
  • See Rule 2S.0212(a)

Q: Can we have an end of shift drink after we get off work even though it is after 2am? No. It is against the law to sell malt beverages, unfortified wine, or mixed beverages between 2am-7am, or to consume any alcoholic beverage between the hours of 2:30am-7am in any place that has been issued a permit. This rule applies to everyone, including permittees and employees. See NCGS 18B-1004(a).

 Q: Can I accept a driver’s license from another country? Yes, if you can read and understand the information on the driver’s license. The driver’s license must contain the required age for purchase of alcohol and have a physical description of the person named on the card. See NCGS 18B0302(d).

Q: What do I do with a fake ID once we confiscate it? Turn it in to your local Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency, local ABC Officer, or your local police or sheriff department. See NCGS 18B-129.

Q: Do I need to display my ABC Permit? Yes, each ABC permit must be posted in a prominent place on the premises. See NCGS 18B-904(b).

 Q: Who can inspect my premises? NC ABC Commission employees, Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) officers, and ABC officers have the authority to inspect premises. The inspections can include viewing the entire premises and examining books and records of the permittee. The inspection can be at any time it reasonably appears that someone is on the premises. Refusing to allow an authorized person to enter the premises is against the law. See NCGS 18B-502.

Q: Is it really true that I can refuse to sell to anyone? Yes, but you cannot discriminate against a person solely based on that person’s sex, race, religion, color, national origin, or disability.

Q: The liquor bottle is almost empty and does not have enough for a shot, can I pour the remaining alcohol into a new bottle? No, you cannot fill or refill any original container of alcoholic beverage with the same or a different alcoholic beverage. See Rule 2S.0224.

Q: My establishment serves a specialty drink that follows an in-house recipe. Do drink recipes have to be approved? Yes, the NC ABC Commission must approve premixed drink recipes. The appropriate form is available at: http://abc.nc.gov.


*read the original PDF here



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