Compliance with Alcohol

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Are you compliant?

Hopefully, yes. If not, hopefully these rules can help you.

Serving alcohol in general follows a lot of strict rules. Below is a list of guidelines that breweries must follow to be compliant in NC.

  • Zero tolerance policy on serving to minors-meaning there is zero defense to this criminal violation.
  • Do not serve intoxicated persons.
  • Any pouring location is a “point of sale” and is subject to all NC ABC/ALE regulations.
  • Servers are required to ask for identification if they have suspicion of someone’s age.

NC Drivers’ Licenses:

Red Border

  • Underage for tobacco and alcohol
  • Vertical license

Yellow Border

  • Legal for tobacco, but not alcohol
  • Patron may be 21 years old, so make sure to look at the birth date
  • Can be vertical or horizontal license

Green Border

  • Legal for tobacco and alcohol
  • Horizontal license

Other forms of identification are: U.S. Military ID, NC ID Card, and/or Official Passport

**You still need to check a person’s identification if IDs are checked at the entrance gate of a festival/event.

**Wrist-bands are NOT considered a form of identification.

Right to Refuse:

  • Employees can refuse to sell alcoholic beverages to any person.
  • Employees can refuse to sell alcohol to an adult if they suspect the adult is buying for minors.
  • There is no legal recourse by a customer who has been refused a sale.

The information for this blog post can be found on the NC ABC website, Beer Festival Guidelines, and ABC Quick Guide

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