Ok. So I said I’d talk about starting a business in NC, but I’m going to insert this brief post in between. In short, I’m excited because of the recent announcements involving one of my favorite subjects: North Carolina Beer!

You may have seen the recent story in the News & Observer talking about the announcement by New Belgium Brewing Company that they’ll be building a new East Coast brewery in Asheville, NC. This follows on the heels of a similar announcement from Sierra Nevada. Asheville, already a great beer town, is quickly becoming a beer destination!

The North Carolina beer industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Last I heard, there were AT LEAST 10 new breweries “in the works” in NC (but don’t quote me on that statistic as I really can’t verify it at this time). But, thanks to our friends over at Real Beer, we’ve got a some really neat statistics about the beer industry in general. For example, this post,

highlighting data published by the Brewers Association, indicates that – even in this time of recession – the craft beer industry experienced an overall increase in sales by 13%. That’s respectable growth in the best of times!

Side note: I also stumbled across this post looking at the number of dry counties in the US. Interesting! Looks like some states still have some progress to make. But, I digress…

Another great resource for information about NC beer is the North Carolina Brewers Guild. The North Carolina Brewers Guild does a great job of advocating for brewers and breweries.

I’m continuing to try and increase my practice focus on the brewing and distilling industries and I’m just very proud to be involved in the beer industry in NC, even if it is tangentially. Thanks for dealing with my little diversion here.s in the state and is a great place to look for the latest news in NC beer.

Support your local brewery and tune in next time for more actual, legal… stuff. In the meantime, have a great weekend and Happy Easter!