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Beer Law Center is a division of Matheson & Associates PLLC.  Our office is located in Downtown Raleigh and we have clients in other areas of business besides Craft Beer. But, Craft Beer is our passion.

We operate mostly as a virtual office and are available nearly 24/7.  Because of our unique setup, we are able to work with clients effectively both locally and out of our direct area on many legal issues.

By leveraging technology completing as much work as we can electronically, we keep our overhead expenses low and keep our focus on you and your matter, not on paying the rent on our office space.

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Attorney John R. Szymankiewicz Esq, PE

John Szymankiewicz is a licensed Professional Engineer and Attorney in North Carolina. Embarking on a second career, John went to law school at night while juggling a demanding full time job, a family, and teaching at a local martial arts school.

While launching his Raleigh law practice, John saw the need for trained, understanding attorneys focused on their clients needs in some key areas. Most importantly, this means developing an ongoing relationship, becoming a business partner, with clients instead of being merely a supplier of services. As such, in this law office, we strive to find the right solution for the client now and in the future. We look for opportunities to work collaboratively and keep costs down for our clients, principally individuals and small businesses.

In addition to being a lawyer, John is an avid homebrewer who got bit by the brewing bug shortly after he discovered that beer need not be yellow fizzy stuff. John believes in continuous, life-long learning and is passionate about the Craft Beer industry. Part of that industry passion includes adopting the spirit that that giving back to the community and supporting the local, independent business person is part of our responsibility as good Beer Citizens.

John is married and has a daughter (attending Full Sail University). John and his wife live in Raleigh NC with their three other “kids” of the four-legged variety.