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North Carolina now allows breweries and distilleries to be featured on highway road signs. Who would of thought?

We recently had a client ask about the legalities of advertising their brewery on road signs. I figured if one client had that question then many probably do.

There are 3 ways breweries and distilleries can have their name featured on a road sign.


  1. Logo Signing Program with service signs and company logo

    • Breweries can advertise as “attractions”
    • Must have an on-premise restroom in a permanent structure
    • Open without appointment at least 8 hours per day, 5 days a week during normal operating season
      • The taproom does not have to be serving during this timeframe
    • Parking
    • Telephone on the premise
    • Primary purpose of providing amusement, historical, cultural, or leisure activities (i.e. drinking beer) to the public
    • The cost of the signs vary from $300 to $1200
    • More information: Logo Rules
  1. Tourist Oriented Directional Signing for advertising on highway right of ways

    • Helps tourist find businesses of interest
    • Recommended for breweries or distilleries in rural areas
    • On placed at intersections, not on freeways, interchanges, or on ramps
    • Brewery/distillery must be tourist oriented, meaning:
      • 30% of products and services are geared toward tourists’ interests
      • Tourists must account for at least 40% of the total revenue
      • 51% of income or visitors must be road users not living within a 20-mile radius of the facility
    • Cost is $200 per sign
    • More information: Application and Statute
  1. Agricultural Tourism Signage promotes tourism, as well as the agricultural business

    • Sign cannot exceed 5 miles from the agricultural tourism destination
    • Facility must be open 10 months per year, 4 days per week, 32 hours per week
    • Must offer tours to the public
    • On-site permanent restrooms, drinking water, and telephone
    • Must provide samples of sales of NC agricultural products
    • Must have a sign as well as maintain a website with the hours of operation
    • Cost-VERY EXPENSIVE, estimated $9,000 per sign
    • More information: Application and Rules


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