OK, here’s a free bonus post!

It’s been a week+ since then, but I have to tell you about a recent event I attended. It’s really just an example of many events and something that I really LOVE about the Craft Beer Culture.

I attended Casks for a Cure at Rockfish Grill in Durham, NC on May 6. What a great event! Breweries donated casks of beer to the event and proceeds went to Pints for Prostates. Here’s the *really* cool thing about this particular event: all the breweries in attendance haven’t officially opened yet! These were all breweries in planning and all in NC. How great is that? The event featured Four Saints Brewing Company, Haw River Farmhouse Ales, Steel String Brewery, Fortnight Brewing, Deep River Brewing Company, and Sub Noir brewing Company. All the beer was really great with a couple true shining stars. The breweries also collaborated on a cask of Breakfast IPA that was available as well. If “breakfast IPA” doesn’t sound good… well two things: (1) you haven’t had enough to drink and (2) more for me! The event raised $9300 $2500 for Pints for Prostates. (*Thanks to Chris Creech for double checking my numbers!)

That event was terrific, but is just one of the many, MANY such events around the state and around the country that craft breweries are hosting on an almost daily basis.

Every craft beer person, especially brewers, that I talk to – without exception (so far) – really believes in giving back to the community, to the world sometimes. Whether its Sam AdamsBrewing The American Dream or Sweetwater Brewing helping out the Chattahoochee Riverkeepers, craft beer has an unwritten mission to make the world a better place and not just a better place for beer (that’s just a side benefit). It’s great to see an entire industry embracing the moral need to do good, have a good time, and make a difference.