Guidance on NC Curbside Pickup and Home Delivery during COVID-19

We’re getting a lot of questions about specifics of curbside service for alcohol retailers. Here’s some helpful hints.

Some Groovy Gifts!

Our readers might remember a BLC blog post on Groovy Guy Gifts (check it out here). Groovy Groomsmen Gifts (a subsection of Groovy Guy Gifts) reached out to me again to test one of their products. I picked the Ace of Case which is a leather travel kit. The travel kit was the perfect gift […]

Organic Alcohol

Information for this article can be found here. Below are some common questions regarding alcohol labels and the ubiquitous term “organic.” This information is provided by the TTB. Q: What does an organic claim mean? A: Either organically produced, contains organic ingredients, or was processed in an organic manner or facility that abides by USDA […]

Personalized Labels on Alcohol

The information for this blog can be read here. Reminder: COLA authorizes the bottling of wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages. What if you have a wedding or a special event coming up and want to include a commemorative date or someone’s initials or name on the alcohol bottle? Believe or not special rules apply. […]

COLAs and Approved Labels

*The information for this blog post can be viewed here. Information viewed here also supports this blog. Once your label receives TTB approval, you can change certain items on your label without submitting a new COLA label. Any changes you make to your label must be in compliance with federal regulations. You CAN: Delete non-mandatory […]

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