COVID-19: What the HELL do I do now?

Managing your business during a crisis is never easy. The difficulty is compounded when the crisis is in your business AND all around you. Right now, as business owners and managers, you’re facing tough decisions about your staff and your business while staring down the barrel of uncertainty.

Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets The information for this blog post can be viewed here. This information pertains to North Carolina. Don’t disclose or reveal information that you want secret. Include trade secrets in non-disclosure agreements. Trade secrets are usually related to technology, such as formulas, methods, processes, or businesses with merger discussions. Trade secrets have commercial value […]

I need a permit for that? ABC Permits in NC

Common ABC Permits in NC  NC ABC* in regards to beer** *This article ONLY pertains to ABC permits in North Carolina. ** The NC ABC deals with more than just beer, but for the purposes of this article we are only talking about permits as they relate to beer. Once you receive your Brewers Notice […]

Private Clubs in NC

What is it and FAQs *This article ONLY pertains to private clubs in North Carolina. I stumbled upon this helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” pamphlet that the NC ABC Commission wrote. Click here to read more FAQs. Underlined portions are added for emphasis. The link to the original PDF is below. A private club is an […]

Unpaid Internships – Free Labor! Not Quite…

I originally posted this on our sister site over at But recently, I saw a very similar question discussed on a forum specifically for brewers and breweries. I thought I’d repost it here in case anyone is dealing with the same issues. Unpaid Internships – It’s a Buyer’s Market, Right? Many growing companies and businesses […]

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