More than a Fluffy Tail: Celebrating and Commemorating National Service Dog Month

September is National Service Dog Month!  As we celebrate and commemorate these incredible animals and their teams this month, it is important to think beyond the fluffy-tailed cuteness to have a discussion regarding some of the everyday realities that service animal teams experience, and how this impacts your alcoholic beverage business. What Do Service Animals…

Are you kidding me?

COVID-19: What the HELL do I do now?

Managing your business during a crisis is never easy. The difficulty is compounded when the crisis is in your business AND all around you. Right now, as business owners and managers, you’re facing tough decisions about your staff and your business while staring down the barrel of uncertainty.

Ways to Start a Business, Enter into a Business, or Buy a Franchise

*This information is taken from the North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC). To read the entire packet, click here. *We also have a blog post on how to finance your business. Buying an Existing Business Always evaluate the business by reviewing its history and its operations. Learn the business’s marketing strategies, how…