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Once your label receives TTB approval, you can change certain items on your label without submitting a new COLA label. Any changes you make to your label must be in compliance with federal regulations.

You CAN:

  1. Delete non-mandatory label information
  2. Move label information such as text, illustrations, graphics, etc.
  3. Change the colors, type size and font.
  4. Add, delete, or change an optional statement of alcohol content for malt beverage labels.
  5. Add, delete, or change stated bottling date, production date or freshness information.
  6. Add, delete, or change the name and/or address of the foreign producer, bottler, or shipper.
  7. Add, delete, or change a Web site address, phone number, or zip code.
  8. Add, delete, or change trademark, copyright symbols, and/or company logos.
  9. Add, delete, or change holiday and/or seasonal themed graphics, artwork and/or salutations.
  10. Add, delete, or change between approved food pairing recommendations.
  11. Delete all organic references from the label.
  12. Add, delete, or change a lot or batch identification number or other serial numbers.
  13. Add, delete, or change optional information about awards or medals.
  14. Add, delete, or change UPC barcodes and/or 2D mobile barcodes, such as QR codes.
  15. Add, delete, or change between approved responsibility statements.

*please keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive. To view all allowable changes to approved labels, please visit here.

Some label revisions require a new COLA. You must receive a new COLA when changing:

  1. The class/type statement
  2. The brand name
  3. The appellation of origin (in wine only)
  4. The mandatory address statement
  5. The actual bottler or importer
  6. New graphics/pictures/representations
  7. New wording/phrases/text/certifications

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