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International & National vs State & Local

If you’ve done any research on developing a business around Craft Beer, you know that there are many many laws and regulations that have to be obeyed just to stay in business. Some of those laws are at the Federal level (good in all states) and some are at the State and Local level (specific to your location in the US).

Attorneys are licensed by the State they practice in and can only help you with State specific stuff if they’re licensed in your state. Make sense? For example, if I’m licensed in North Carolina, I can’t advise you on California law unless I’m licensed there also. But, all licensed attorneys are responsible for Federal law because… well, because it’s good in any state.

I explain all of that to say that if your business is in North Carolina, I can probably help you with anything. But, if your business is in another state, I can only help you with certain areas of the law, for the other areas I would have to refer you to a local lawyer.

Range of Services We Can Provide

So, here’s what I can do for you –

North Carolina Guide

John has even written a “how to” guide for legal aspects of opening a brewery in North Carolina. Sign up here [insert form to gather info] to receive a free copy.

Other Services

As well a law degree, John is also a Licensed Professional Engineer, has a background in chemical engineering, and spent more than 15 years in the specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical. John has an MBA and has considerable experience in project management. So, if you want to talk cleaning, fermentation, process controls, business planning, supply chain management, or other aspects of the business we may be able to help you out there too!

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