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N.C. Gen. Stat. §18B-1116(a)(3) prohibits a NC brewery from giving any alcohol retailer any money, service, equipment, furniture, fixtures, or things of value. But what does that mean? What is a thing of value? 14B N.C. ADMIN. CODE 15C .0709(a) specifically lists some expectations that a brewery can give to an alcohol retailer.
Note: a retailer includes any owner, officer, employee, or agent of a retailer.

Items/Things of Value

Breweries cannot:
• Give cash, a bonus, salary payments, compensation, etc. to a retailer or a retail association
• Give a gift to a retailer
• Finance trips to a retailer
• Give appliances to a retailer
• Give or finance an automobile for a retailer
• Give, sell, rent, or loan outside signs to a retailer
• Cannot advertise in a retailer publication or periodical
• Give, finance, sell, rent, or loan equipment, furnishings, or fixtures to a retailer
o Equipment includes: draft beer boxes, dispensing equipment, sinks, dishwashers, etc.
• Cannot advertise on behalf of a retailer*
• Cannot promote a retailer in advertising*
• Cannot pay a third party for advertising for a retailer*
• Cannot participate with a retailer in advertising*
• Cannot work with the retailer to advertise alcohol or the retailer’s business*
• Cannot customize certain advertising materials, such as glassware or product* displays with the retailer’s name/logo*
• Cannot offer a product exclusively to one retailer*

* Remember: according to the TTB social media = advertising

Breweries CAN:
• Give, sell, rent, or loan samples not exceeding 3 gallons per brand of beer to a retailer
• May give, sell, rent, or loan recipes, booklets, or brochures for beer pairings with food
• Give beverage lists or table tents to a retailer that does not include the retailer’s name/logo
• Give consumer specialties to a retailer for distribution to consumers. The products cannot display the retailer’s name/logo. For example,
o Can openers
o Ash trays
o Shopping bags
o Can coolers
o Hats
o Visors
o Key chains
o T-shirts
• Some point of sale advertising is allowed but cannot be customized for a retailer. For example:
o Clocks
o Lamps
o Lighted displays
o Blackboards
o Dart board backgrounds
o Menu & price boards
o Calendars
o Mirrors
• Can clean a retailer’s coils
• Can participate in a tasting on the retailer’s premise

The list below are things of value and may be provided to retailers in certain situations

A brewery can (in limited circumstances):
• Give, sell, loan, or rent to retailers advertising specialties only if the total value does not exceed $300 per year
o Retailer advertising specialties cannot be customized for a retailer
• Can offer a discounted or promotional price to all retailers, but no volume discounts to retailers
• Can give product displays to a retailer but only if the value of the display items doesn’t exceed $160
• Can sell unbranded glassware or cups to a retailer, but cannot be customized with the retailer’s name/logo
• Can sell ice to a retailer
• Can sell beer tapping accessories to a retailer
• Cannot give, sell, rent, or loan clothing to a retailer BUT ONLY if the clothing items are hats, caps, visors, or t-shirts and IF the items are given to the retailer for distribution to the customer


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