Well, I wish I could tell you that such-n-such service costs $X. In some cases I can, others are harder to tell until we get involved in identifying what all the issues are.

What I can tell you is that my office and I are committed to Craft Beer and we want to see you, the industry, and the entire beer culture grow.

As a result, we commit to the following:

  • AT LEAST 20% off our standard billing rates for brewers, breweries, brewpubs, bottle shops, and anyone in the Craft Beverage business
  • We will work out something that works for you and your budget
  • Sometimes that means us doing the work for you
  • Sometimes that means telling you how to go about doing it yourself
  • Sometimes that means helping you develop a plan to minimize your risk while you work towards accomplishing your goals
  • We understand that no one really goes into the Craft Beer Business to get rich, it’s a passion. It’s our passion too. Give us a chance to figure out how to help you before you think lawyers are too expensive.
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