When you apply for your NC ABC permits you need to submit a Recycling Compliance form.

We know that recycling is not the sexist or most titillating of reads, but hopefully some of you will find this information helpful. 

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Why do I have to recycle?

All businesses that have on-premises malt beverage permits, on-premise unfortified wine permits, on-premises fortified wine permits, or mixed beverage permits to separate, store, and provide for the collection of all recyclable beverage containers for all beverages sold for consumption on the premises. If a customer is consuming a beverage in a recyclable container on the property of the business, then that container must be collected and recycled. See NC General Statute 18B-1006.1

What has to be recycled?

All beverage containers made out of material that can be recycled, such as glass bottles and containers, plastic bottles and containers and aluminum cans.

What should I do at my business because of this law?

You should find a recycling service that will pick up and take the required materials to be recycled. Often your landlord may provide this service or they can help you arrange recycling service.

The recycling services in my area are limited or not available. What should I do?

A one year exemption can be granted by the ABC Commission if recycling services are not available in your area. The form can be found here.

Can I haul my own recyclables?

Yes; you must specify how your business will recycle when you complete the Recycling Compliance form.

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