*Please keep in mind that this is information is specific to North Carolina law. Contact an attorney in your state to find out specific information about this.


House Bill 500 (HB 500) from the North Carolina General Assembly has been presented to Governor Roy Cooper for his signature. The Bill contains several changes to ABC laws. Read the entire Bill here. Below are some salient changes to keep in mind.

Authority to sample for analysis and quality control

Now, permittees who hold a commercial permit can sample alcohol samples for the purpose of quality control. Before permittees could only sample at the licensed premise and in extremely limited amounts.

Sport and Entertainment Venues

Now, sport and entertainment venues are eligible for an on-premise malt beverage permit, on-premise unfortified wine permit, and a mixed beverage permit. Consumers can now consume and walk around sporting venues.

Re-issuance of Special One-time Permit

If a non-profit organization has received a special occasion permit within the past 18 months, that permit can be reissued to the nonprofit. The same individual of the organization needs to make the request, and the permit has to be in the same location where the last permit was issued.

Selling Branded Merchandise

A permittee with a malt beverage special event permit may give free tastings of its beverages AND now can sell branded merchandise, such as glassware, cups, signs, t-shirts, hats, etc.

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