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Below are some common questions regarding alcohol labels and the ubiquitous term “organic.” This information is provided by the TTB.

Q: What does an organic claim mean?

A: Either organically produced, contains organic ingredients, or was processed in an organic manner or facility that abides by USDA organic regulations.


Q: What organic claims exist?
A: (1) “100% organic”: contains only organic ingredients

(2) organic: contains at least 95% organic ingredients

(3) “made with organic ingredients”: contains at least 70% organic ingredients

(4) less than 70% organic ingredients: products that are not processed by a     certified organic handling operation and may only identify each organically produced ingredient


Q: What is a “Certification Statement,” and where on the label does it go?

A: The statement must appear under the bottler or importer’s name and address on imported products. Logos or seals alone do not fulfill this requirement.


Q: For a label with an organic reference, should I submit additional documentation?

A: Yes, you must submit additional documentation to attest to the authenticity of the organic claim you are making.

  • If the label says “100% organic,” “organic,” or “made with organic ingredients” you should submit a certifier/ACA Preview.
  • If you claim organic ingredient statement, you should submit a producer’s/crop organic certificate for that ingredient.


Q: What is a certifier/ACA Preview?

A: Entities that are backed by the USDA for certifying foreign and domestic organic crops, livestock, and handling operations. The actual document that you submit to the TTB must show images of the exact label along with a stamp or signature of the certifier/ACA to verify that the product label complies with USDA organic regulations.


Q: Am I permitted to label my product with a specialized farming term to show my compliance with or concern for environmental initiatives?

A: A description of specialized farming must be accurate and truthful. Be prepared to submit documentation verifying the statement(s) truthfulness.




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