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Reminder: COLA authorizes the bottling of wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages.

What if you have a wedding or a special event coming up and want to include a commemorative date or someone’s initials or name on the alcohol bottle? Believe or not special rules apply.

Personalized labels are customized for customers who want to have a special label on the alcohol container. Special labels include a personal message, picture, date, or artwork that is specific to the customer who is purchasing the product.

*Personalized labels are DIFFERENT than customized private labels. Private labels are specific to the purchaser (a retail store or restaurant that is selling the alcohol to consumers).

If your label has already been approved and you have included permission to change personalizing information, you can make adjustments to the label without applying for a new COLA. Such changes include:

  • Salutations
  • Graphics
  • Artwork
  • Names
  • Event dates

To apply for approval to make changes to a personalized label:

  • Applicants must indicate that you plan to have a personalized label on the COLA application.
  • In the special wording section in Part II/Step 2, the applicant should include:
    • A description of the specific personalized information and/or graphics; and/or
    • If a blank area is present on the label, the information will appear in that specific area; and/or
    • If the label is etched, the information will be etched on the bottle.

In the special wording section of the application the applicant can say something to the effect: “The graphics, salutations, dates, and artwork presented on this label may be changed to personalize this label.”

*Just because you are allowed to make personalized changes on the label does not mean that it is legal for you to add new information to the label. You cannot change the alcohol beverage or characteristics of the alcohol beverage. Basically, any mandatory label information, such as the brand name or class, cannot be changed or altered in a personalized label.

What can not appear on a personalized label? Personalized labels are subject to the same rules and regulations as non-personalized labels. Labels cannot contain false or misleading information, misleading health claims, etc.

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