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As many of you know, if you have an On-Premise Malt Beverage permit then you can only sell beer on the licensed premise. You cannot sell beer on an unlicensed premise.

If a brewery taproom wants to hold a special event, but attendance will exceed capacity, you can apply to the ABC for a temporary extension of premises. A temporary extension of premise allows the sale, service, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in areas outside the permanently licensed premise.

To apply for a temporary extension of premises, the retailer should bring the application to the ABC at least 30 days prior to the event. A photograph and diagram outlining the licensed premise and the proposed event area must accompany the application.

The requirements for a temporary extension of premise are:

  • Permittee must own or lease the area of extension
  • Extension cannot include a public street
  • Extension cannot encroach in front of or behind another business
  • Extension must be completely enclosed (can use a fence, rope, etc.)
  • Area of extension must be directly adjacent to the permitted premise
  • Maximum of 12 premise extensions can be granted each calendar year
  • Extension cannot last longer than 3 days

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