Our readers might remember a BLC blog post on Groovy Guy Gifts (check it out here). Groovy Groomsmen Gifts (a subsection of Groovy Guy Gifts) reached out to me again to test one of their products. I picked the Ace of Case which is a leather travel kit. The travel kit was the perfect gift for my boyfriend and with his initials embossed on the leather it really made the gift extra special. The interior of the bag is waterproof, which is always a plus especially if you’re using the bag to carry toiletries. Most importantly, the zipper does not jam or get stuck. The zipper smoothly opens and closes for easy access into your bag.

June and July are wedding season, and Groovy Groomsmen Gifts has a plethora of fun, practical gift ideas. The ‘Drinking Gifts’ section is particularly fun and useful, such as the bottle openers and the flasks.

In addition to gifts at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts, you might want to get your friends some alcohol. Frequently at weddings (or other celebrations) you will see personalized labels on alcohol. Special labels include a personal message, picture, date, or artwork that is specific to the customer who is purchasing the product. How do you include a commemorative date on the alcohol bottle? Do you need a Certificate of Label Approval for personalized label? Check out Beer Law Center’s blog post.

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