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John Symankiewicz – Business Attorney in Raleigh NC

John Szymankiewicz wants to put business law in focus. By forging strategic, on-going business relationships with clients, our firm has earned the trust and respect of entrepreneurs and growing businesses in Raleigh NC

Legal Experience where it counts

Your skills, time, and energy are best utilized running your business, not dealing with legal issues. We promise quick turnaround on your requests and questions, fast customer service and top-notch professionalism.
Mediation is often preferred over court costs in an effort to resolve the many issues that can surround a dispute. Mediation can allow for both parties to discuss the issues and any disputes with an attorney.
Any brand or business owner understands that they have invested a lot of themselves into their company or product. That dedication and reputation deserves to be protected. Protecting your rights and interests in the things that you create is the realm of Intellectual Property – including intellectual property and trademarks.
Whether you need to file a lawsuit to enforce a contract for money owed or you simply need a consult to understand the process and your rights as a creditor, let us help you recover what you’re owed.
During difficult economic times, individuals and businesses often struggle with financial issues. Do you know your rights and protections when a creditor tries to collect on a debt? What does “bankruptcy” really mean for me? What about for my credit in the future?
End of life planning and the issues that come up are never easy topics. Let us work with you to develop an estate plan than ensures that your wishes are carried out now and in the future.
Protect Your Business with the Experienced Legal Specialists at Matheson & Associates PLLC.